Diane Henderson

Diane Henderson grew up loving ocean waves and being amazed at how powerful they are, as they shoved her face into the sand for unreasonably long periods of time. She did a BS and MS in Engineering Sciences at the University of Florida and went on to Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego for her PhD in Physical Oceanography; her thesis concerned chaos in parametrically excited surface waves. Her thesis defense was on December 15, and her first child was born December 30. She worked as an Affiliated Scholar at the University of Florida for a year and then began as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Penn State University in 1991, where she has been ever since. There she has the somewhat unusual position of conducting laboratory experiments in the Mathematics department, which houses the William G. Pritchard Fluid Mechanics Laboratory. She works primarily on the evolution of nonlinear surface waves that propagate in 1 or 2 horizontal dimensions with a particular interest in patterns of surface waves and their stability. She is trying to apply her and her colleagues' theoretical, numerical and experimental work to ocean field data.