Rajarshi Roy

Rajarshi Roy was a student of Leonard Mandel at the University of Rochester, who taught him to design small scale table-top experiments and explore the nature of light and its interaction with atoms and molecules. Understanding order and randomness in light and matter has been a passion ever since. After receiving his Ph.D in 1981, he went to Boulder, Colorado, as a postdoctoral research associate at the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (JILA) and then moved to the School of Physics, Georgia Tech, in 1982. He moved again in 1999 to the University of Maryland to join the nonlinear dynamics group there. He is currently director of the Institute for Physical Science and Technology. Over the years he has worked on stochastic, chaotic and synchronization phenomena in lasers and nonlinear optics, and recently in networks and neuroscience. He has guided, individually or jointly with other faculty, the research of thirty Ph. D students, including a dozen from the University of Maryland, and worked with many postdoctoral fellows and visiting faculty. Participation in the first experimental chaos conference (1991) and several subsequent ones has been particularly influential in developing new interests and research directions.