Robert Ecke

Robert Ecke is Director of the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he guides research on interdisciplinary science including quantitative biology, information science and technology, quantum information science, and non-­‐equilibrium statistical physics. He is a Laboratory Fellow, a position he has held since 1997. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Washington in 1982, followed by a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Los Alamos National Laboratory working on cryogenic thermal convection involving hydrodynamic stability, dynamical systems, and chaos. As a Technical Staff Member, he continued research on rotating convection and pattern formation, material dissolution and compositional convection, turbulent boundary layers and heat-­‐ transport scaling, spatio-­‐temporal dynamics in pattern forming systems, 2D turbulence, turbulence in stratified flows, and statics/dynamics of granular materials. Ecke served in numerous professional society positions including Chair of the APS Group on Statistical and Nonlinear Physics, is an Editor for Chaos, and is Divisional Associate Editor of PRE. Ecke won the Los Alamos Fellows Prize in 1991 and is a Fellow of both the APS and the AAAS. His current research interests include turbulence in atmospheres and oceans, fundamental studies of turbulence, properties of granular materials, and mass transport in porous media.