12th Experimental Chaos and Complexity Conference

May 16-19, 2012

On the campus of the University of Michigan

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Michigan League, Hussey Room, 2nd floor


6:00-7:30pm               Opening Reception




Rackham School of Graduate Studies, Fourth Floor


7:15-8:00am               Registration and Continental Breakfast


8:00-8:30am               Welcome and Opening Remarks

                                    Michal Zochowski, Departments of Physics and Biophysics Program, University of Michigan

                                    Janet Weiss, Dean, Rackham Graduate School, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, University of Michigan

Victoria Booth, Departments of Mathematics and Anesthesiology, University of Michigan



8:30-10:00am             Systems Biology

8:30-9:05       Data-driven reconstruction of directed networks: from genes to chaotic oscillators

                      Aneta Koseska, University of Potsdam

9:05-9:25       Information dynamics in the Kinouchi-Copelli model

                      Leonardo Maia, USP

9:25-10:00     Dynamics of DNA replication

                      Alessandro Moura, University of Aberdeen

10:00-10:20   The Immunomics of Lymphocyte repertoires

                      Ramit Mehr, Bar-llan University, Israel


10:25-10:45am           Break


10:45am-12:35pm     Energy Systems Dynamics

                                    10:45-11:20     Laboratory Experiments on Porous Media Mass Transport: Implications for Carbon Sequestration

                                                            Robert Ecke, Los Alamos National Laboratory

                                    11:20-11:40     Percolation and misfire in spark-ignited engines

                                                            Charles Finney, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

                                    11:40-12:15     Turbulence driving wind energy

                                                            Joachim Peinke, ForWind, University of Oldenburg

                                    12:15-12:35     Experimental Bouncer Ball Model

                                                            Mario Silva, Sao Paulo State University


12:35-1:50pm             Lunch and Poster Session


1:55-3:45pm               Social Dynamics & Economics

                                    1:55-2:30         Emergence and Decline of Scientific Paradigms and Epidemics

                                                            Mogens Jensen, University of Copenhagen

                                    2:30-2:50         Minimal agent model for economic critical behavior: application to financial stability

                                                            Pedro Lind, University of Lisbon

                                    2:50-3:25         Incentives, Dynamics and Collective Wisdom           

                                                            Scott Page, University of Michigan

                                    3:25-3:45         Co-adaptation and the Emergence of Structured Environments

                                                            Robert Savit, University of Michigan


3:50-4:10pm               Break


4:10-5:25pm               Nonlinear Optics

                                    4:10-4:45         Synchronization in Nonlinear Optical Networks: Chaos, Communication and Chimeras in the Laboratory

                                                            Rajarshi Roy, University of Maryland

                                    4:45-5:05         Afterbounce instability and period doubled emission in single-bubble sonoluminescence

                                                            Mogens Levinsen, Niels Bohr Institute, UCHP

                                    5:05-5:25         Chimera States in a Spatial Light Modulator Feedback System

                                                            Aaron Hagerstrom, University of Maryland


5:45-6:45pm               Transportation to banquet


7:00-10:00pm             Banquet Dinner, Henry Ford Museum


Rackham School of Graduate Studies, Fourth Floor


7:15-8:00am               Registration and Continental Breakfast


8:00-9:50am               Nonlinear Optics

                                    8:00-8:35         Light on nonlinearity: new insight from optics into the science of extreme waves

                                                            John Dudley, University of Franche-Comte

            8:35-8:55         Crenelated slow-fast oscillations in a dual delay nonlinear photonic dynamics

                                                            Maxime Jacquot, University of Franche-Comte

                                    8:55-9:30         Deterministic Optical Rogue Waves and Chaotic Dynamics

                                                            Jose Roberto Rios Leite, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

                                    9:30-9:50         State of Play for Analysing the Nonlinear Dynamics of Laser Systems from Output Power Time Series

                                                            Joshua Toomey, Macquarie University


9:55-10:15am             Break


10:15-11:50am           Neuroscience & Physiology

                                    10:15-10:50     Multi-scale and multi-compartment approaches to understand host-pathogen dynamics: TB as a case study

                                                            Denise Kirschner, University of Michigan

                                    10:50-11:10     Cardiac tissue heterogeneity mediates electrical stimulation effects

                                                            Phillip Bittihn, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization  

                                    11:10-11:30     Minimal configuration models for experiment-based central pattern generator of melibe

                                                            Sajiya Jalil, Georgia State University

                                    11:30-11:50     Subject-driven birdsong synthesizer based on a model of the bird's vocal organ

            Ezequiel M. Arneodo, Universidad de Buenos Aires


12:00-1:20pm             Lunch, Michigan League, Ballroom


1:30-3:05pm               Data Analysis

                                    1:30-2:05         Learning dynamical systems from an ensemble approach

                                                            Antonio Politi, University of Aberdeen

                                    2:05-2:25         The Observability of Biological Networks

                                                            Steven Schiff, Pennsylvania State University


                                    2:25-2:45         Time-resolved estimation of direct directed influences

                                                            Linda Sommerlade, Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies

                                    2:45-3:05         On the frequency content of chaotic time series

                                                            Lawrie Virgin, Duke University


3:10-3:30pm               Break


3:30-5:40pm               Electronics

                                    3:30-4:05         Subwavelength Position Sensing Using Nonlinear Feedback and Wave Chaos

                                                            Seth Cohen, Duke University

                                    4:05-4:25         Acoustic Ranging Using Solvable Chaos

                                                            Ned Corron, U.S. Army RDECOM

                                    4:25-4:45         Explosive phase synchronization of chaotic oscillators

                                                            Inmaculada Leyva, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

                                    4:45-5:20         Electronic circuits verify importance of dynamics in perception and predict failure of prominent algorithms used in bioinformatics

                                                            Ruedi Stoop, University of Zurich/ETH Zurich

                                    5:20-5:40         Master stability function approach to unveil the complex dynamics of an experimental ring of coupled optoelectronic oscillators

                                                            Francesco Sorrentino, University of New Mexico


5:45-7:20pm               Dinner Break


7:30-9:30pm               Public Talk

                                    Michigan League, Second floor, Ballroom

                                    How Bacteria in Colonies can Survive by Killing Siblings and Reversibly Changing Shape

                                    Harry L. Swinney, University of Texas at Austin / Jerry Gollub, Haverford College




Rackham School of Graduate Studies, Fourth Floor


7:15-8:00am               Registration and Continental Breakfast




8:00-9:50am               Nano & Quantum Systems

                                    8:00-8:35         Drops and elastic sheets

                                                            Benoit Roman, ESPCI

                                    8:35-8:55         Nonlinear Time-Reversal in a Wave Chaotic System

                                                            Matthew Frazier, University of Maryland

                                    8:55-9:30         Continuous Measurement of the Position of a Single Cold Atom: Towards the Quantum-Classical Transition

                                                            Dan Steck, University of Oregon

                                    9:30-9:50         Ionization of kicked Rydberg atoms via a turnstile mechanism

                                                            Kevin Mitchell, University of California, Merced


9:55-10:15am             Break


10:15-11:30am           Hydrodynamics & Plasmas

                                    10:15-10:50     The critical point for pipe flow

                                                            Dwight Barkley, University of Warwick

                                    10:50-11:10     Experimental observations and numerical studies of the microbunching instability in storage rings

                                                            Eleonore Roussel, Universite de Lille

                                    11:10-11:30     Burning Invariant Manifolds in Advection Reaction Diffusion

                                                            John Mahoney, University of California, Merced


11:30am-12:40pm     Lunch and Poster Session


12:45-2:00pm             Neuroscience & Physiology

                                    12:45-1:20       Human epileptic brain networks

                                                            Klaus Lehnertz, University of Bonn

                                    1:20-1:40         Assessing atrial fibrillation as a chaotic dynamical state of coupled oscillators

                                                            Guillaume Attuel, IHU liryc / sigma Espci

                                    1:40-2:00         Patterns of Neuronal Synchronization

                                                            Epaminondas Rosa, Illinois State University


2:00-3:30pm               Extreme Events

                                    2:00-2:35         Predicting and evaluating extreme weather events

                                                            Barbara Brown, National Center for Atmospheric Research

                                    2:35-2:55         Analysis & Prediction of Computer Performance Dynamics

                                                            Elizabeth Bradley, University of Colorado

                                    2:55-3:30         Extreme Events in Coupled Social Networks: Media Events as External Shocks

                                                            Pascal Jurgens, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz


3:35-3:55pm               Break


3:55-5:30pm               Ecology, Evolution & Epidemiology

                                    3:55-4:30         Strain competition dynamics in an evolutionary context: H3N2 influenza as a case study

                                                            Mercedes  Pascual, University of Michigan

                                    4:30-4:50         Transport Analysis of Spatiotemporal Oceanographic Dynamical from Remote Sensing

                                                            Erik Bollt, Clarkson University

                                    4:50-5:10         Coherent fluid structures and biological invasions

                                                            Shane Ross, Virginia Tech University

                                    5:10-5:30         Water retention on random surfaces

                                                            Robert Ziff, University of Michigan


5:30-7:20pm               Dinner Break


7:30-9:20pm               Complex Networks: The Direct and the Inverse Problem

                                    7:30-7:40         Introductory Remarks

                                                            Klaus Lehnertz, University of Bonn

                                    7:40-8:05         From time series to complex networks: Potential pitfalls and remedies

                                                            Stephan Bialonski, University of Bonn

                                    8:05-8:30         Analyzing coherent brain networks with Granger causality

                                                            Mingzhou Ding, University of Florida

                                    8:30-8:55         Causal inference and its application to neural systems

                                                            Bjoern Schelter, University of Freiburg

                                    8:55-9:20         From cellular dynamics to network homeostasis

                                                            Chris Fink, University of Michigan


7:30-9:20pm               Understanding Biological Timekeeping

7:30-7:40         Introductory Remarks

Daniel Forger, University of Michigan

7:40 - 8:00      Heterogeneity of intrinsic period as a basis of coding in the suprachiasmatic

Jihwan Myung

8:00-8:20         A molecular network design to maintain a fixed period in circadian clocks

Jae Kyoung Kim

8:20-8:40        Effect of photoperiods on the electrical properties of suprachiasmatic nucleus Per1

Mino Belle

8:40-9:00        Modeling the effect of photoperiods on the electrical properties of
suprachiasmatic nucleus Per1 neurons

Casey Diekman

9:00 -9:20        Optimized Schedules for Reentrianment in Minimum Time

                        Kirill Serkh



Rackham School of Graduate Studies, Fourth Floor


7:15-8:00am               Registration and Continental Breakfast


8:00-9:30am               Earth Systems Science

                                    8:00-8:20         Climate network analysis based on statistics of ordinal patterns and symbolic dynamics

                                                            Cristina Massoler, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya,

                                    8:20-8:55         Fracturing Ranked Surfaces

                                                            Hans J. Hermann, ETH Zurich

                                    8:55-9:30         Complex network analysis of recurrences in phase space

                                                            Norbert Marwan, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

                                    9:30-9:50         GeoChaos:  Engineered Chaotic Advection in Porous Media Enhances Reactive and Thermal Transport Rates

                                                            Guy Metcalfe, CSIRO Australia


9:55-10:15am             Break


10:15-11:50am           Hydrodynamics & Plasmas

                                    10:15-10:50     Modulational stability of ocean swell

                                                            Diane Henderson, Pennsylvania State University

                                    10:50-11:10     Reduction of Chaotic Particle Transport in Nontwist Plasmas

                                                            Ibere Caldas, University of Sao Paulo

                                    11:10-11:30     The Onset of Chaos in Vortex Sheet Flow

                                                            Robert Krasny, University of Michigan

                                    11:30-11:50     A Lagrangian interpretation of advective-diffusive scalar transport

                                                            Michel Speetjens, Eindhoven University of Technology


11:55am-1:15pm       Lunch, Alumni Center


1:15-2:50pm               Earth Systems Science

                                    1:20-1:55         Adaptive design of multi-functional network in a primitive organism

                                                            Toshiyuki Nakagaki, Future University Hakodate

                                    1:55-2:15         On the balance between segregation and integration in complex modular networks

                                                            Irene Sendia-Nadal, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

                                    2:15-2:50         Communities, modules, and large-scale structure in networks

                                                            Mark Newman, University of Michigan

2:55-3:15pm               Break



3:15-4:50pm               Data Analysis

                                    3:15-3:50         Title TBD

                                                            Wen-Xu Wang, Arizona State University

                                    3:50-4:10         Phase synchronization of coupled chaotic noncoherent oscillators

                                                            Rosangela Follmann, University of Sao Paulo

                                    4:10-4:30         Detecting differences in noisy chaotic signals

                                                            Thomas Carroll, Naval Research Lab

                                    4:30-4:50         Information Theory for Tralfamadorians: The Anatomy of a Bit

                                                            Ryan James, University of California, Davis


4:50-5:00pm               Closing Remarks